Welcome to the site of Alexander Martinez, a Sr. Software Engineer with 10+ years of development experience. Throughout the years he has developed a wide range of commercial and military government products. The types of projects created vary from interactive desktop/web applications to networking/systems script automation.

Agile Methodology

Alexander is experienced with the Scalable Agile Framework enterprise (SAFe) methodology. Utilizing this framework, he improved his productivity which provides value towards his teams velocity. When pointing user stories, he uses his many years of experience to calculate risk.

Object Oriented Programming (OOP)

Designing great technical architecture is developed from experience. He has coded projects from the ground up and also has contributed to existing large scale code bases. Some applications were refactored to improve its performance and also to utilize more advanced Object Oriented Programming concepts such as abstract classes.

Continuous Integration

Providing sole support for a product that is driven by a Continuous Integration system is the most important experience he's had. The interaction between many technologies within a product increases development and management complexity. Utilizing technologies that help streamline the development and delivery of a product is key. Using Git, Stash, and TeamCity for a project he worked on helped him manage development and production product versions.


Alexander has works in both Linux and Windows environments. For Linux he has worked with Fedora and Ubuntu. For Windows he's worked with Windows 7, Windows 10, Windows Server 2008R2, and Windows Server 2012R2. He's also worked with various Army Gold Master (AGM) operating systems which is a Department of Defense (DoD) version. The projects involving these operating systems include automating user/administrative tasks, application installations, and system/networking configurations.

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